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Fluffy and Ivy are two happy little bears created by Kyle Coughlin. Through the use of pictures, poetry, sound, and music, they make it great fun for children to learn the letters of the alphabet, and increase their vocabulary, too.

Books 1 and 2 of Learn the Letters are available on iTunes as interactive eBooks. Featuring three or more letters, each book is filled with colorful pictures and audio examples. The reader follows Fluffy and Ivy in their search for words beginning with every letter of the alphabet. Book 1 includes A, B, and C, and Book 2 includes D, E, and F.

Learn the Alphabet from A to Z with Fluffy and Ivy is available on Amazon as a Kindle book. This book features images of more than 180 different words for all the letters of the alphabet.

Fluffy and Ivy also have a fun video that teaches every letter of the alphabet.

Children can also learn the letters of the alphabet with the Two Happy Bears’ educational pictures, activities, and games.

Fluffy and Ivy are looking for words that begin with letter P, and picking pumpkins with piggy

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