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These images and activities will help your child learn the letter A, with pictures of an apple, airplane, and the two bears asleep. Tap the image of the letter A to hear what it sounds like. Get the Two Happy Bears' interactive books to see many more images of Fluffy and Ivy and words that begin with each letter. They are fun, colorful, interactive educational books that teach the letters of the alphabet, and are available for Apple iBooks and Kindle.

The Letter A


Apple begins with the letter A.

Words that begin with the letter A - Apple.


Fluffy and Ivy are asleep in the morning.
Asleep begins with the letter A.

Learn the letter A. The two happy bears show that the word Asleep begins with the letter A.

To learn the letters of the alphabet and see more pictures of Fluffy and Ivy, get their fun, interactive educational books!

The worksheets below feature drawing exercises to practice writing the letter A, as well as fun coloring pages to reinforce the memory of the letter. Select an image for a free, printable PDF of each practice sheet. There is also a blank worksheet that you can print and use for practicing drawing any letter in the alphabet.

Alphabet coloring pages for the letter A

Free printable coloring page for the letter A, with upper and lower case letters and a picture of an apple to color. Coloring page for learning the letter A, with a picture of an airplane and Two Happy Bears, in a large landscape view, in free printable PDF format. Color the letter A, upper case, and color the Two Happy Bears as they fly in an airplane.  Free printable PDF.


Alphabet tracing worksheets for the letter A

How to write the letter A, with large images to trace for practice, in free printable PDF format. Practice worksheet for writing the letter A, upper case, with several connect the dots examples to trace, in free printable PDF format. Blank worksheet to practice drawing letters, in free printable PDF format.


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